Ways to subscribe to My Dark Shop’s affiliate program

One can easily subscribe to our affiliate program by visiting Dark and follow some simple steps. We will get all the steps covered for you on how to subscribe to My Dark Shop affiliate and referral program. You can easily generate revenue on each sale that gets converted for each customer you bring to our website. Here is the list of steps that will walk you through to subscribe to our lucrative affiliate program.

1> First, you need to visit the website Dark on one of your web browsers. You can open the site on any device, be it laptop, Smartphone, tablet, or a desktop system. With very easy steps you can sign up for affiliate program. The best part is that you will be showered with several super money saver offers and best deals when you subscribe for the very first time.

2> Once you visit the website you need to hit “create account” on the top right side on the front page of the site.

3> After that, you will get several prompts and instructions on creating an account and you will be able to get the account created for you.

4> Once you click on “Create account”, you will need to type your general information such as your first and last name, phone number, email, sex and you can set up a new password that you will use for future sign-ins. Once done, you can click on “create account” at the bottom.

5> After you completed the steps so far, you can visit on any device and sign in to your account anytime.

6> When you sign in, you will see “affiliate” on the left corner under the “Account dashboard”.

7> Then, a login window will appear wherein you can enter your email and password that you set up during account creation process.

8> After signing in to the “affiliate account”, you will need to enter the referring website. You can see your username and email on the left corner.

9> In case, you want to receive newsletters, offers and other notifications you can click on the checkbox next to “subscribe to email notifications”.

10> You can now click on “I agree” to terms and conditions for affiliate marketing.

11> you can now see the page where all your affiliate programs will be listed. Also, keep a note that minimum Rs 5000 will be required to receive your payout. Avail the huge discounts and best offers on choosing Dark Shop products