1. A Night in the Paradise

    A Night in the Paradise

    "Hey slut, I am home!" The boyfriend called to her girlfriend as she ran down from upstairs paradise to welcome him at the doorsteps. She had already heard him opening the door and jinxed herself for not being present at the time when he arrived. She quickly ran downstairs and crossed all the hurdles to get near him to greet him.

    She jumped over spreading her legs and tied her hands tightly behind his neck, elbows out, so he can check her out. She wore the 5-inch red stiletto heels, black

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  2. Stuck in the van of Gang Bang

    Stuck in the van of Gang Bang

    I am always aware of the people, vehicles, and movements while I am going out and see that exactly it is. I have a great computing vision and a keen eye which I think is a bonus feature of mine. Today, when I took a look outside I saw a big black van parked far away but I could not properly see it. I thought it is just a normal vehicle parked outside like every day.

    I was going out passing it by but did not give it much attention, though I am always alert of the things that are happening

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  3. My BDSM Dirty Story

    My BDSM Dirty Story

    He is expanding his arms towards me, calling. He has that incredible look in his eyes that he gets when he has a thought – and when he is ordering me something that I shouldn't neglect. What's more, he's grinning.

    I courteously separate myself from the discussion I am having and extract myself from other party-goers in the room. We are in his personal room; it's one of his popular house parties. There are around 40 people compressed in here, talking, giggling, drinking, examining, discussing, a

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  4. What is BDSM Training?

    What is BDSM Training?

    There are times when I hear tales about unusual occasions or places, and I regularly wonder if they are erotic sex clubs. I need to get into details further and discover somebody who's been – to a BDSM training place, or to the fake sex taxi which basically is used to do trips around India. This month's visitor blog is from someone who is a creator and submissive herself, and she has recently released a journal of her BDSM preparation.

    One day Suraj, my Master, asked me: "Have you ever h

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  5. How to charm your dominatrix in the BDSM play

    In today’s fast fast-moving world, it is really tough to find the most eligible partner for you and attract her. In short, it is a hard task to find the most attractive partner. The world of dating is like a never never-ending quest. However, it is not difficult to find the perfect dome. Here is the thing, dating a dome woman is like a seller’s shop. Dominatrix women are really high in demand. You really need to finish your homework if you want to be a matching submissive for her.

    Generally, mos

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