A Night in the Paradise

"Hey slut, I am home!" The boyfriend called to her girlfriend as she ran down from upstairs paradise to welcome him at the doorsteps. She had already heard him opening the door and jinxed herself for not being present at the time when he arrived. She quickly ran downstairs and crossed all the hurdles to get near him to greet him.

She jumped over spreading her legs and tied her hands tightly behind his neck, elbows out, so he can check her out. She wore the 5-inch red stiletto heels, black fishnet reaching to her thighs stockings, sexy crotch less white panties and black Lace Bra with Underwire. She wore a soft leather collar around her neck to which she hung the key to a closet. That's the closet where she packed all her BDSM toys and her clothes that she wears at night, so she make sure the closet is safe when she goes out of the home.

“What the hell you were doing and where were you, slut? You were sitting upstairs while doing nothing, just playing on my bed?" He shouted at her, and he stared at her body while taking long breath, not moving in from outside the door. He slowly mounted over her and nodded his head so she can start doing her duties.

She pushed herself towards him and tool hi papers and folders from his hands, placing them on the table nearby. "No, master, not here. I am sorry for being so much lazy" she whispered, taking his jacket and hanging it on the rack. She bent down on the floor and unzipped his trousers, put her hands in the briefs and took his semi-hard cock out. After that, she grabbed it in both her hands and started sucking it gently while moving her tongue around the balls.

He patted down her head while she was giving him the blow and then moved past her while she was still in the same position. He asked her to get up and get 2 glasses, coke and some vodka. "I need to watch my favourite football game" and she silently ran away towards kitchen to grab them.

She also sat next him to enjoy the show and suddenly heard the commentator that there is going to be a commercial break. She takes a deep breath and he starts giving spanks to her back continuously. He was giving her the punishment and she was begging for mercy but not even a single word came out of his mouth. All she wanted is to remain a good slut to her.

This process continue for 2 more breaks in between and after continuous beating when the football show ends he tends to be gentle. He was prepared to give her the pleasure of life, making love to her all night. All he wanted was to stay with her all her life without letting her go. He applies ointments to the bruises caused by continuous spanking and beating. His last words before they go to sleep was “you my love are incredible, my lovely bitch”.