At My Dark we humbly welcome you to our website and appreciate your efforts that you put in for getting registered with us and making a purchase here. We are always dedicated to putting efforts into making sure that our customer’s private information is secure with us. That’s why we always ensure that your information such as payment history, your location, and other data is completely confidential with us.

My Dark shop along with other subsidiaries will make sure that your personal details never get misused. This personal information is generally related to a customer’s data when indirectly or directly merged with other pieces of information can be used for identification of a person. This information may include customer’s name, phone number, billing address, sex, age, etc.

All the information of the customer is properly secured and guarded well for complete discretion. Sometimes, we may gather your financial and personal information such as details of your bank account, credit or debit card information. My Dark may use this information to help the customers buy the products and place an order for them. After successful placement of the order we get the items and products delivered to you at your doorsteps.
We pack the items in a box cover it with bubble wrap and deliver it to you in a total discrete manner. We never reveal the identity of the customer to anyone else; moreover, we never list the product information or website name on the package.

The information and data we collect and process
The data and information that is collected from our customers coming through our website, is possessed by My Dark Shop online store. We always keep this information private and secure. We never sell or provide our customer’s data to anyone else under any conditions and circumstances other than mentioned in the support statement.

1) Under no circumstances, we sell our customers’ information and data to third party companies.
2) We never share your personal or any other information unless and until it is meant to be used for internal business plans of My Dark Shop and Research & development team only with the motive of processing your orders and assisting you in the best possible way.
3) We will maintain your privacy and keep your information secure with us at all levels of billing, order, and completion of fulfillment. Your data is strictly confidential and not even our employees or management can breach into your information.