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We make sure environmental and public health safety is there

As a important task of responsible BDSM toys company, we deal in those products and items that are compliant to the environment protection, good human well-being, improving the living conditions of mankind, execute sufficient security policies, focus on animal and human safety, promote security implementation throughout the life cycle of the online bondage gear and items available on our store so we could dispose off contamination to our planet.

BDSM Toys Safety

We very well understand that the online BDSM kit and lingerie industry provide the items and products that guarantee the product security when we make a sale. We truly believe that we must sell environment-friendly toys, easy to clean and hygienic toys and simple to use products that do not cause any damage to the skin or become the cause of any ailment. We assure that all the items that are sold are of high quality and completely body-safe.