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MyDarkshop.com – Policies for Product return In case the product that you bought through ydarkshop.com is delivered to you and they are damaged or in a defective condition, you are able to claim a return/exchange for those products within 3 days of the transaction processing date.

There will be no additional charges for that. In case you bought the products and are delivered to you and then you change your mind that you don’t want to use the products anymore, we will not be able to exchange the products since most of the products are for personal use only. Therefore, we always ask our customers to reach out to us for any kind of questions or concerns they have in mind before the confirmation of the order.

Here is what you need to do: You need to create a video while opening the package until the end. There will be no request entertained for exchanges if the video is not created. In case, we find out that it is manufacturing default or the products were damaged during the transition, we will send you the replacement of the product after checking the defective product. Once you receive the replacement, kindly test the product for any damage and test the immediate battery before using the product.

If an item is used one, the manufacturer will not provide the product replacement. There will be no charges for shipping the product in exchange for items that are returned. There are multiple products in the Mydarkshop online store that are not eligible for returns or refunds. Examples of such products are opened media items (DVDs, CDs, Videotapes and audio tapes), batteries, and liquid items such as personal lubricants, product cleaners etc.

Replacement of items can take a maximum of 2 weeks to get the products delivered. All the items that consist of liquid products that were damaged/leaked during the transit are viable for refunds without any additional charges incurred. Our customer care representatives will assist you in the best possible way to help you during such matters. In the case of the liquid-based items, replacement is possible till a few days after the confirmed delivery status of the order. The exchange request should be made within 24 hours after placing the order, then only the request for cancellation will be considered. If the shipment process has already begun, then the cancellation of the products will not be entertained.

We don’t store all the products stored in warehouses. It implies that not all the products that are listed “available in stock” will be readily available for sale at the instant moment. In rare cases, all the products showing “in stock” will be available for sale. Our rep will let you know if the order you placed is available in stock or not. Any concern or query regarding the BDSM products available should be submitted through email that you can find in our “contact us” page. We believe in providing proper feedback by responding to all queries as soon as possible. There could be little delay sometimes due to fluctuating volume of the orders but rest assured we will always respond to your queries as quickly as possible. All the information and data available on our website is solely owned by “mydarkshop.com”. The information can’t be sold, rented, shared with anyone in ways other than disclosed in the statement.